DrupalCon Dublin 2016: Using scrum agile in remote development

Published on 4 October, 2016 by Admin

What is Scrum Agile?

Breaking down the Manifesto
Add some Scrum sauce
Be more productive when emphasis is on developer(s)
Methodology for remote dev

What challenges does remote development pose when selecting project process methodology?
Scaling the team/products/scope
Performance measuring
What signifies the advantages with Scrum Agile when working remote?

Freedom (well, some…)
‘Some assembly required’ when spanning many time zones – but very adaptive
More ‘culturally agnostic’ than many other methodologies
What are the pitfalls when working Scrum Agile remote?

Devs in the driver’s seat – mgmt in backseat
Not for the faint of heart, new to development
Nice in principle – requires the discipline IRL
Some suggestions and how/why they work

Project Mgmt
Issue handling
Chat, Gists/notes-share, misc
As remote work / digital nomads becomes more widespread it may be useful to see how to get the most out of it – I like and use scrum agile so the session will focus on why that’s a good thing (even if there’s drawbacks). After the session hopefully attendees will know more about working remote and in particular why using scrum agile is beneficial

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