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HPE Application Lifecycle Management

HPE Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Centralize the management and automation of the complete application lifecycle from inception to retirement with this trial version of HP Application Lifecycle Management software

Agile Manager

Agile project management solution to plan, execute and track Agile projects. You can remove latencies, bolster Agile practices, and foster continuous improvement using SaaS or on-premise deployment.

ALM Software

An application management solution to help you to define, build, test, and deliver applications fast and with confidence across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

Quality Center Enterprise (QC)

Integrated IT quality management software that helps you to standardize testing, engineer for performance, and fix defects to optimize quality, reduce costs, and deliver applications fast with confidence.

HPE Functional Testing

Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

A functional testing solution that simplifies testing and provides a unified user experience for greater cost savings and productivity improvements.

Service Virtualization

Application and data simulation software that enables development and testing teams to simulate a service’s behavior without impacting delivery regardless of access to production systems.


Hpe SprinterAgile testing generates complete and intuitive semi-automatic case tests, providing value since the beginning of the development of the app

Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization to be able to capture and emulate real-world network conditions, so you can execute network performance testing to detect and remediate issues before app deployment.

HPE Load Testing


Application load testing software that gives you an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance to identify and resolve issues before applications go-live.

StormRunner Load

SaaS delivered cloud load and performance testing solution that makes it easy to plan, run, and scale web and mobile testing.

HPE Mobile Testing

Mobile Testing

HPE Mobile Center provides an end-to-end quality lab of real devices and emulators to help you build a memorable app experience based on extensive real-world mobile app testing, live monitoring and user insights.

Mobile App Monitoring

HPE AppPulse Mobile is a mobile app performance monitoring tool that tracks the real user experience of your mobile apps. Mobile teams receive actionable data to prioritize issues impacting the most users to achieve a 5-star app.

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