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In the digital era, information is power, we want to access services quickly, easily and also each action constitutes in itself an experience, in that sense the image facilitates engagement, we prefer to see rather than read , so professionals and technology enthusiasts are increasingly using video channels for training and information. But to be competitive is not enough to be creative , software quality is everything, in business being at the forefront means implementing software testing.

In order to become the reference channel for thew QA market, borns Channel Testing, a space with  professional content but easy to follow, wich gives ideas and help consumers and businesses get the most out of their business.
In Channel Testing you can find all the videos related to the world of testing with special attention to the methodologies, tools from leading manufacturers and training area that will you keep abreast of developments through webinars , courses and tutorials.

If you are a professional testing, or a technology passionate, Channel Testing is your channel!

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